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DBB valve is a “single valve with two seating surfaces that, in the closed position, provides a seal against pressure from both ends of the valve, with a means of venting /beeding the cavity between the seating surfaces.
  • API6D-DBB-Ball-Valve
  • Stainless-Trunnion-Mounted-Ball-Valve-(3)

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Cryogenic Valves

Analysis and Treatment of Internal Leakage and External Leakage of Cryogenic Valves

1. Internal leakage of cryogenic valve: Analysis: The internal leakage of the low temperature valve is mainly caused by the wear or deformation of the sealing ring. During the trial operation stage of the project, there are still a small amount of impurities such as sand and welding slag in the p...

ball valve

Causes of Ball Valve Internal Leakage and Treatment Procedures for Internal Leakage

Causes of internal leakage of ball valves 1) Reasons for internal leakage of the valve during the construction period: ① Improper transportation and hoisting cause the overall damage of the valve, resulting in internal leakage of the valve; ② When leaving the factory, the valve was not dried and ...

  • Cryogenic Pressure Test